Cardijn Research

Greetings! Welcome to this new blog which aims to focus on my research into the life and work of Joseph Cardijn, founder of the Young Christian Workers movement, later a Cardinal and Council Father at the Second Vatican Council.

In fact, this is my second Cardijn blog – I started one a few years using WordPress. Sadly when I went to move it to a new server, I failed to realise that I had to backup the database separately. Result: a lost blog and it’s taken me a while to get find the energy to start again.

This time I am motivated by the fact that the Cardijn Community International has launched its Vatican 2 + 50 campaign, which aims to highlight and study Cardijn’s contribution to the Council.

In addition, I am also planning a doctoral thesis on the same subject.

And along the way I often come across snippets of information, insight, etc that may not be right on the issue of my research but which could be useful in the future or in another context.

So my plan for this blog is to keep it simple and just make it a more or less regular record of the bits and pieces and items of interest that I come across.

Great, thanks!