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  • See Judge Act graphics

    See Judge Act graphics

    Here’s a fun and easy post. I was looking for some good See Judge Act graphics this week and could not find many suitable existing ones.

  • Cardijn anniversaries 2017: Updated

    Cardijn anniversaries 2017: Updated

    This year is the 50th anniversary of the death of Joseph Cardijn on 24 July 1967. It is also the centenary of his imprisonment by the German occupiers during World War I

  • Bishop McElroy and a Californian Cardijn tradition

    Bishop McElroy and a Californian Cardijn tradition

    San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy has captured global headlines for his speech at the US Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements in Modesto, California.

  • Enrique Angelelli and Pepe Palacio

    Enrique Angelelli and Pepe Palacio

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the death of Argentine Bishop Enrique Angelelli of La Rioja diocese, a former JOC and JUC chaplain, who was killed in a staged car accident just nine months after his JOC co-worker, Pepe Palacio, was killed.

  • Make Cardijn a cardinal: Camara to John XXIII

    Make Cardijn a cardinal: Camara to John XXIII

    As we know, Paul VI made Cardijn a cardinal on 25 February 1965. But how did Paul VI get the idea?

  • Archbishop Cardijn of Tusuros

    Archbishop Cardijn of Tusuros

    It was exactly fifty years ago on 15 February 1965 that Paul VI named Cardijn as titular archbishop of Tusuros, a week prior to his elevation as cardinal. But where is Tusuros?

  • And the Dominicans…

    And the Dominicans…

    Dominican priests also played a major role in the development of the early YCW, including some very big names such as Yves Congar and MD Chenu.

  • Why did Cardijn’s writings go out of print?

    Continuing on the theme of the literary eclipse of Cardijn, here is a list of the most recent published editions of Cardijn’s writings that I have been able to locate: French Va libérer mon peuple! La pensée de Joseph Cardijn (Alex Ericx, ed.) Les Editions Ouvrières – Vie Ouvrière, Paris – Bruxelles, 1982, 359p. (Compilation…

  • Cardijn’s influence as tracked in Google Books

    Let’s track Cardijn’s influence over the years as measured by the frequency with which his name appears in published literature during his lifetime and up to the present. Google Books has an excellent tool to do this, namely the Ngram Viewer, which allows you to track and compare the frequency of selected phrases over the…

  • Cardijn vs Mother Teresa on

    Cardijn vs Mother Teresa on

    Here’s a new measure of how Cardijn has fallen out of favour, namely how many Cardijn books there are for sale on

  • Promoting saints

    Promoting saints

    Back in January 1938, Cardijn sent a signed petition to Pope Pius XI backing the beatification causes of Margaret Sinclair, a Scottish young worker who became a nun, and Pier-Giorgio Frassati, a young Italian student and social activist.