Dabin again

While on the subject of Paul Dabin, here are a couple more references to his work and influence.

Good article here, From Catholic Action to Liberation Theology, The historical process of the laity in twentieth century Latin America by Ana-Maria Bidegain from Florida International University on how liberation theology emerged from the Catholic Action movements.

Interesting to see that she also cites Paul Dabin, who appears to have had a significant influence in Latin America, even giving a series of lecture on Catholic Action in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in 1938.

Dabin’s theories of the priesthood of the faithful are also discussed in this article, Work as “a Mass”: Reflections on the Laity’s Participation in the Munus Sacerdotale in the Writings of the Founder of Opus Dei, by Cruz González-Ayesta.

More about this later – I hope.