Interviews on Catholic Action in Australia

This great resource is a set of interviews by Dr Helen Praetz with a series of people involved in Catholic Action in Australia over the years 1940-65.

The project “was undertaken to record the voices of those who remember
the heyday of Catholic Action in Australia”, the abstract says.

“It comprises an archive of
interviews with eleven people who describe the sources of their ideas
and their organisations, including their activities, formation and
education, and the legacies of that period for the Church and the

“These eleven people describe the excitement and energy that
propelled them or their parents into action and the ideas, people and
movements that nourished them or their parents during this heady period.
They focus on key Catholic Action and associated movements of these
years, in particular, the Campion Society, the Australian National
Secretariat for Catholic Action, the National Catholic Rural Movement,
the Young Christian Workers, the Catholic Worker, Cripac Press, the
Newman Society and the Adult Christian Workers Movement.”

Definitely worth a read.

Stefan Gigacz