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Today, I’m writing to you on behalf of the Australian Cardijn Institute (ACI) with a unique opportunity to contribute to a cause close to our hearts.

At ACI, our mission is to preserve and advance the legacy of Joseph Cardijn, the visionary founder of the Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement.

Our most important initiative to achieve this is the Joseph Cardijn Digital Library (JCDL), an online research and resource library, which already houses over 1500 original Cardijn documents in French plus over 500 in English.

It’s already a vital research tool not only for myself but also for other PhD students, movement leaders and others around the world.

Telling our story

The documents include Cardijn’s classic writings, his speeches to the Second Vatican Council, several Cardijn biographies, photosvoice and video resourceshistorical documents as well as more than 130 short biographies of former YCW leaders and chaplains worldwide.

These documents tell the stories of Cardijn and so many other leaders, priests and, yes, saints and martyrs from around the world, who were formed by the YCW and other Cardijn-inspired movements over the last century.

In an indication of the library’s utility, which is free for all users, during 2023, it received over 258,000 unique visits – over 20,000 per month – from every continent.

To learn more about this magnificent resource for leaders young and old, youth ministers, catechists, chaplains and all those working with young people or who simply wish to learn more about the Cardijn method of formation, please click here:

How you can help

To move forward this year, we need to engage a professional website developer whose services will cost upwards of €3000 or USD, approximately $5000 Australian dollars annually.

In addition, we have ambitious plans to expand the JCDL with a Spanish site that is currently in development. The estimated cost for this expansion is an additional $2500 AUD.

This gives us a total fundraising goal for 2024 to $7500 AUD (around 5000 euros or USD).

Today, you can help us to achieve this target by purchasing a virtual membership of the Joseph Cardijn Digital Library for 2024.

Annual membership costs $20 – the same price as a virtual seat at the Sydney Pink Cricket Test, which raises funds for breast cancer nurses. For those able to give more, we also offer Armchair Membership at $60 and our top-tier Reading Room Membership at $120.

Your generosity will help us ensure that Cardijn’s writings will continue to be available to the young workers, students, and leaders of the 21st century.

Please act TODAY by clicking the link:

Thank you for your enduring support and commitment to our cause.

Warm regards,

Stefan Gigacz ACI Secretary

PS: If you are able to provide ongoing assistance, consider joining our Coffees for Cardijn campaign. Every contribution makes a lasting impact.

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