A Cardijn comic

This is a nice little biography of Cardijn in comic book form that I’ve come across.

It’s in French and it comes from a magazine called J2 Jeunes, No. 6, 11 February 1965.

Here’s a photo of the cover:

The biography finishes with Cardijn becoming a cardinal in 1965.

The writer was Guy Hempay, the nom de plume of Jean-Marie Pélaprat (1927-1995), a well-known comic book scriptwriter and journalist.

More details here (in French):



And the artist is Robert Rigot (1908-1998), also a well-known comic book artist, who had previously worked with Fr Gaston Courtois, one of the founders of the Catholic Action Children’s movement, Coeurs Vaillants (Valiant Hearts).

Here is the French Wikipedia entry for Rigot:


A great introduction to the life of Cardijn!

Stefan Gigacz