Cardijn’s Greatest Battle: Lay apostolate vs Apostolate of the faithful at Vatican II

This is my presentation for the October 2022 Australian Cardijn Institute webinar, with the accompanying slide presentation below.

The theme was “Cardijn’s greatest battle at Vatican II”, namely his struggle to get across the notion of  the “specifically lay apostolate of lay people,” which he distinguished from the “apostolate of the faithful” common to all baptised.

It was a huge battle for Cardijn during the Council.

More than sixty years later, it has still not been fully received by the Church – despite the clear teaching of the Second Vatican Council.

We, the Australian Cardijn Institute, faced a similar battle to Cardijn in endeavouring to make the concept of “lay apostolate” understood at the Australian Plenary Council in 2021-22.

Let’s hope we can make further progress with the upcoming Synod on Synodality!

Stefan Gigacz