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  • Jocist anniversaries in 2022

    Jocist anniversaries in 2022

    Time to begin compiling a list of jocist anniversaries for the new year of 2022 beginning with the 140th birth anniversary of Cardijn himself.

  • Cardijn, work and the worker

    Cardijn, work and the worker

    It was Joseph Cardijn, who in February 1960 first made the original proposal to John XXIII for an encyclical to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Rerum Novarum

  • Fernand Tonnet and Paul Garcet – 75 years

    Fernand Tonnet and Paul Garcet – 75 years

    On 27 January this year, the world will commemorate the liberation by Soviet troops of the infamous camp at Auschwitz, where so many people perished during the Second World War.

  • 2020 in anniversaries – Updated

    2020 in anniversaries – Updated

    To start the new year, here is a starter list of significant anniversaries that fall this year.

  • No man is a prophet… in his own movement

    Yesterday I was pleased to discover that all articles published in the Nouvelle Revue Théologique from 1958 to 2000 by the Belgian Jesuits are now online. Congratulations to the publishers for making this important publication available on “open access” to all researchers (or at least those who read French!). Excellent, I thought, that will save me…

  • Cardijn and the ‘Co-operative Commonwealth’

    The Bon Pain (Good Bread) co-op in Brussels, a Cardijn co-op Yesterday was a great day at the Melbourne Trades Hall where the Cardijn Community Australia organised its ‘Economics for the 99%: Co-operatives in Victoria‘ conference. There was a great list of speakers including Maryknoll co-operative pioneer 97 year old Des O’Connell, YCW Co-operative pioneer…

  • Two Vatican II conferences

    Two Vatican II conferences

    Finally published the slideshows of my recent presentations at two recent Vatican II commemorative conferences in the UK and the US.

  • Suenens vs Cardijn at Vatican II

    Suenens vs Cardijn at Vatican II

    I can’t remember when I first heard that there had been tension between Cardijn and the former archbishop of Malines-Brussels, the famous Cardinal Leon-Joseph Suenens.

  • Congar and Cardijn: A long collaboration

    As he noted in his Vatican II Journal, the late French theologian Yves Congar worked closely with Cardijn to assist the latter in the drafting of his speeches to Vatican II. Indeed, Cardijn flew to Geneva for a weekend of work in August 1965 where he, Congar and another Dominican, Fr Henri Féret, worked on…

  • Cardijn’s astonishing last letter to Paul VI

    Cardijn’s astonishing last letter to Paul VI

    On 25 June 1967, four weeks before his death, Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, wrote his last letter to his old friend Pope Paul VI, requesting him to visit the JOC in France.

  • Cardijn the canonist

    Cardijn the canonist

    There is always something to surprise you in the Cardijn Archives. This week I discovered that on 9 November 1965 Pope Paul VI appointed him to the Pontifical Commission for the Revision of the Code of Canon Law. Unfortunately, he did not have much opportunity to contribute much as he died on 24 July 1967.…

  • Cardijn’s homage to Gabrielle Petit

    Cardijn’s homage to Gabrielle Petit

    This week I found the actual text of Cardijn’s tribute to Gabrielle Petit in his archives. And here it is.

  • Easter Centenary for Cardijn, YCW

    Easter Centenary for Cardijn, YCW

    This Easter marks the centenary of Joseph Cardijn’s arrival to work in the parish of Our Lady at Laeken near Brussels.

  • Cardijn Research

    Cardijn Research

    Greetings! Welcome to this new blog which aims to focus on my research into the life and work of Joseph Cardijn, founder of the Young Christian Workers movement, later a Cardinal and Council Father at the Second Vatican Council.